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  • Energas


    0800 0147536


Regional Service & Supply Centres

Energas provides Industrial Cylinder Gases and Equipment Solutions, through a comprehensive network of Regional Service & Supply Centres, located in close proximity to our customers in the UK.

These Regional Service & Supply Centres give our customers all the support they need, whether placing or collecting a gas order, purchasing welding equipment and consumables at our trade counters, querying an invoice or statement or wanting to make a payment.

The personalised service from friendly and knowledgeable teams means that we are able to tailor solutions having full range of gas products: inert, shielding (TIG/MIG), oxidant, laser, assist gases, refrigerants or other industrial and fuel gases (propane/butane).

Our customers benefit from direct access to these local teams, who are focused on meeting their needs.


  • Engweld



Engweld supply the UK welding & engineering industries with a wide variety of welding equipment, welding consumables, gas equipment, abrasives, power tools & hand tools. Now a member of the Air Liquide Group, Engweld is one of the UK's largest welding distributors, operating an extensive network of welding equipment distribution centres in the North of England, Humberside, East & West Midlands and South & West Yorkshire.


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