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Air Liquide in the UK


Our Highlights

Our Highlights

Environment - Solar panel


Project GALaxy is completed. Today, panels are installed and fully connected. The grid connections and associated equipment across the site has been installed (13 inverters and 4 distribution boards) and the systems in the workshop, warehouse, production and office has been successfully tested. 



Site Safety Rules for Visitors

Site safety rules cards are available ahead of site meetings in order to know us better

At Air Liquide the safety of our colleagues, visitors, subcontractors and customers is our main priority and our aim is to have a workplace that is permanently free of injuries, accidents or incidents.
"Safety Rules for Visitors" card that clearly highlights safety rules and precautions, and includes a full address and site map. 

Customer Satisfaction

Air Liquide in the UK provides industrial gases in liquid and gaseous form. Our expertise on applications include gas generation on-site and the design and maintenance of industrial gas systems.

Air Liquide innovates to provide solutions that are efficient, reliable and sustainable.

Our Customers are serviced through a network of distribution centres. This network is continuously being improved in order to ensure that there is a site close to you.


Air Liquide announces the commissioning of 12 biogas purification units in the last 12 months in Europe. With these new units, Air Liquide triples its biogas purification capacity on the European continent. Overall, Air Liquide has designed and deployed worldwide 50 biogas purification units in order to transform biogas into biomethane and inject it into the natural gas networks.