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Air Liquide in the UK


Application Equipment

Application equipment are designed by Air Liquide specifically for a given industrial process. Application equipment helps you enhance your productivity and product quality, optimize your processes and achieve more efficient use of resources. It is generally installed at the gas point of use and integrated into your process.

We supply a variety of application equipment, available for sale with your gas supply, or as part of our all-in-one process solutions.

  • Laser nozzle control
  • Laser nozzle jet
  • Laser nozzle shield
  • Oxy injector turoboxal
  • Oxy injector ventoxal
  • Cryo tunnel
  • Cryo Cabinet
  • Manifolds
  • Gauges
  • Brass regulators
  • Change over manifolds
  • Cryogenic Relief Valve Silencer
  • Cryogenic Hoses