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Air Liquide in the UK


Diversity & Inclusion

As a business operating in sectors all around the world, we believe diversity brings benefits to our customers, our employees and our company. We are committed to being an inclusive employer and encourage applications from all suitably qualified applicants irrespective of background, circumstances, age, disability, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or belief and sexual orientation

Embrace differences, value each other

At Air Liquide, we believe in our engaging coworkers to develop a more sustainable workplace. Together they put an Inclusion & Diversity Plan that is complementing and supporting the on-going work done by the Human Resource teams.

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At all levels we have organised many interactive workshops about unconscious bias and promoted an e-learning on diversity and performance.

Karmen Tucker, C-IMP Manager

Disability Confident Employer

Air Liquide UK is proud to be a Disability Confident employer, an accreditation given to organisations that pledge to actively seek out and hire skilled disabled people, and to positively change attitudes, behaviours & culture within their businesses, supply chains & local communities.

Disability Confident is a recognition given by the Government’s Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) to employers based in Great Britain who have agreed to take action to meet thirteen commitments regarding the employments, retention, training & career development of disabled employees.

Family Policy

Inclusion is about creating an environment where each individual feels valued, comfortable and able to contribute.We recently enhanced our maternity and paternity leave pay to all eligible employees.


I am very excited to be able to take advantage of the new generous scheme they are offering. It shows that Air Liquide fully commits to supporting each of their employees and makes me feel proud to work for a company that values their workforce.

Hannah Beville, HR Support Coordinator

Dress for your Diary policy

We encourage all of our employees to follow our Dress for your Diary policy to allow our employees to make their own decisions on what they wear.. Although due to safety reasons some of our employees on site may have to abide by safety uniform and requirements.

Gender Equality

Did you know that we are a proud endorsed Work180 employer for women? We are committed to making the workplace a fair and equal environment for everybody. .


Although I’m the only female project engineer on the team, I’m treated equally and my colleagues are really respectful. If you’re doing a good job, male or female, you’re recognised.

Veena Kadiyapu, Project Engineer