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Air Liquide in the UK



Reliable, low-cost and high-quality on-site.

Our FLOXAL™ HYOS-R produces hydrogen (H₂) gas at your site with an on-site hydrogen generator. Air Liquide’s on-site hydrogen production technology is built to a standard design so you can be assured of the optimal supply solution for your particular needs.

The FLOXALTM HYOS-R provides an alternative supply solution to liquid hydrogen for an extensive range of applications and industries including heat treating, refining processes and food hydrogenation. HYOS-R offers a low-cost, reliable, efficient and flexible solution to deliver high purity gaseous hydrogen at your site. The carbon footprint of the supply system can be 30 to 40% below carbon dioxide emissions generated with a liquid hydrogen supply mode.

Our FLOXALTM HYOS-R is state-of-the-art and ensuring safety, reliability and cost efficiency.

We will customize the hydrogen on-site supply system based on your specific needs. The optimal production technology and generator size is determined by several factors: Flow Rate Purity Pressure Flow Profile (flow rate over time). Use this table to choose which on-site generator is right for you.


We will work closely with you to design, install, operate and maintain a FLOXALTM on-site gas generation plant. We provide full back-up support to ensure safe, reliable and efficient hydrogen supply at your facility.