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Air Liquide in the UK

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Air Liquide UK listened to your needs in performing rigorous emissions analysis.

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In order to protect the environment and our health regulatory authorities are imposing more stringent regulations on vehicle manufacturers in Europe and worldwide. As a consequence, engine manufacturers, their suppliers and testing centres need to perform more rigorous emissions analysis. We have listened to you and understood what your key expectations are:

  • Compliance with legislation
  • Documentation and traceability
  • Reduced lead time
  • Reduced downtime between test cycles – better efficiency
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

Where vehicle manufacturers in the past were mainly concerned with national laws, the manufacturing and sale of vehicles is now truly global. Manufacturers in Europe are not only faced with EU legislation, many are today also concerned by EPA (USA) compliance.

Our calibration mixtures and pure gases are fully compliant to current EPA (CFR 40 Part 1065/1066) and EURO norms (EURO 5, 6a, 6b, 6c) and we can also offer dual compliant gases in a single cylinder.

In addition to this, companies and customers are aiming to increase efficiency and reduce errors in their testing. Changing a single cylinder or a pack on a central gas supply can dramatically impact the analytical performance of the equipment. Air Liquide’s unique batch manufacturing and cylinder treatment technologies of mixtures alleviates this issue by enabling batches of identical mixtures to be produced. This allows you to concentrate on testing and achieving homologation and engine approval.

Air Liquide today offers electronic certificates enabling customers to store and retrieve certificates easily. We also offer solutions that allow you perform automatic calibration of the analytical equipment by importing the certificate automatically.

This is an efficient way to reduce human errors and enhance reliability of analytical values, as well as speeding up the analysis preparation.