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Air Liquide in the UK

Portable Emissions Measurement Systems

Portable Emissions Measurement Systems

At Air Liquide UK we have discussed with you what is required and developed two, off the shelf, standard PEMS calibration gases.

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Since the 'defeat device' scandal, regulators have pushed hard to tighten legislation and testing regimes for engine emissions. The EU RDE regulation -Real World Driving- have come into force and engine manufacturers and testhouses are obliged to conduct more real world tests.

These on-road tests require on-board systems to analyse the emissions, hence the need for Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS)

At Air Liquide UK we developed two off the shelf standard PEMS calibration gases. Both mixtures available in 5 or 10 litre cylinders and with an accuracy of +/-1%.

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PEMS Leaflet

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We are present in many countries and have a robust supply chain to enable these gases to be shipped to our sites in Europe, available for you to use during your summer or winter testing outside of the UK. We have the shipping knowledge to get the gas where it needs to be, on time.