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Craft Brewers of all sizes across the country choose Air Liquide for their inherent understanding of their Food Grade Gas requirements. A deep knowledge has developed from a prestigious history servicing the UK brewing industry and our partnership with Craft Brewers across Britain.

Food Grade CO2  is a core ingredient of your craft, even affecting the flavour and the body of your beer. The quality assurance that Air Liquide provide to all our Food Grade gases, including Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, is vital to our customers.

The quality assurance that applies to all our Food Grade gases (EIGA Food Grade approved, meeting ISBT requirements) is also combined with Air Liquide’s ability to help you meet the challenges Craft Brewers, small and large face. 

What gas and equipment do I need for craft brewing?

Air Liquide can provide you with advice on all elements of gas supply for the brewing, carbonation, sparging, kegging, bottling and canning process. Food Grade Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are all used by the brewing industry and supply can be from on site tanks, to banks or single cylinders. The right choice of equipment and gas such as gas regulators, switch panels and hoses has a considerable effect not only on quality, but production efficiency as well.

Do I need beer gas cylinders?

The way your gas is delivered will be decided by factors such as your flow rate and volume requirements. We can supply cylinders, packs of cylinders and on site tank mode of delivery that will best meet your specific requirements.

How can I improve my sustainability credentials?

Think Global, Act Local. Air Liquide have an innovative approach to sustainability. Focused and significant investment in an evolving Bio CO2 network in the UK that captures CO2 from a closed sustainable process is just one example. 


Where can I find Food Grade CO2 near me?

Air Liquide’s extensive production and supporting infrastructure in the UK is complimented by a national network of branches, providing local service. Our expertise is just around the corner.

Do I need to use Food Grade Gas for Brewing?

The use of food grade beverage gas when brewing is required by law, this is to ensure the ingredients quality is of a high standard and the consumers health and safety is considered. If you require additional information on this subject we recommend the BfBi’s (Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Suppliers Association) website

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What are the uses of Nitrogen for Brewers?

Nitrogen is used in numerous ways by the brewing industry. It can be used as an ingredient in Nitro Beers, where it creates bubbles (with different properties to CO2 bubbles including no taste implications). It can also be used to purge vessels of unwanted oxygen. Micro breweries and bars often use a Nitrogen and CO2 mix to dispense their beers through draft systems.