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Air Liquide in the UK


Water & Wastewater Treatment

Whether we are talking about biological or chemical treatment systems in large or small basins with simple or sophisticated installations, water treatment has the same purpose. With more than 35 years of experience and references in water treatment, Air Liquide assists private and public companies with industrialized gas solutions to treat water.

Why choose industrial gas in your Wastewater treatment process?

Industries, water facilities and utility municipalities are facing numerous challenges whether they are operational, environmental or economical. Choosing industrial gas for your wastewater treatment process can avoid significant investment for your business. For instance, by increasing the capacity of your biological basin, in reducing odor emissions and foaming, and in allowing a better degradation of organic matters.

What are the main industrial gases used in water and Wastewater treatment?

The main industrial gases used in water treatment or wastewater treatment are Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Ozone.

What are the benefits of main industrial gases used in water and Wastewater treatment?

  • Carbon Dioxide is used in the stages of drinking water production and also in the stages of chemical neutralization for industrial effluents. Carbon Dioxide is highly effective at chemical neutralization, resulting in no further requirement to utilise and handle corrosive acids. It also produces no by-products (environmentally friendly), little to zero stripping, and can be easily controlled resulting in no overshooting of PH requirements.
  • Oxygen is used to boost the biological treatments of your effluents, and can enable an increase of output capacity by up to 50% (depending on application).
  • Ozone is used as disinfectant and/or to treat toxic pollutants or resistant matters to biological treatments. Nitrogen, with its inert property, is securing all your stages of drying and storage of flammable compounds.