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Air Liquide in the UK



A strong level of legal compliance and enhanced market requirements

When it comes to consumer expectations for beverage, food safety and quality are most important. It takes extensive experience and know-how to meet rigorous standards for consistency in taste, fizz, quality and strength of packaging.

Air Liquide has developed solutions to help you achieve optimal beverage production. From managing oxygen exposure and optimizing packaging to dispensing beverages at point of sale, we provide a range of solutions to help you safely meet quality, efficiency and productivity goals.


You can count on the safety and quality of our certified beverage grade gases, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Air Liquide's carbon dioxide liquefaction and nitrogen production facilities serving the food and beverage industry have achieved the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000), an internationally-recognized standard for food safety. Our team of beverage industry experts will work with you to develop processes that result in quality beverage manufacturing and enhanced productivity.

Our gas and equipment solutions for the beverage industry include the following services:

  • Assistance with selection and specification of optimal gas blend
  • Assistance with troubleshooting of systems
  • Consulting
  • Gas analysis and metering
  • Product testing
  • Start up support, annual audit and technical support



After years of serving breweries, just two of Air Liquide’s benefits include optimizing carbon dioxide and the supply of carbon dioxide in many grades and purities to suit the industry’s diverse needs. Matching the gases to the beer type allows customers to draw faster without the excess foam. Our ALIGALTM draft gas helps eliminate flat beer, airborne bacteria and odors associated with air compressors.

Our ALIGALTM regulator offers reliable, accurate control of your draft gas.



Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain.

Why Choose Us?

  • 01

    Certified gases

    Air Liquide meets the highest benchmarks for food safety and quality.

  • 02

    Industry expertise

    Air Liquide improves and invents new applications and equipment for the beverage industry to tackle emerging challenges in food safety and quality.

  • 03

    Worldwide knowledge in the Beverage industry

    By tackling today’s challenges, Air Liquide’s dedicated team helps clients improve productivity, profitability and quality.

  • 04

    Research Center

    Air Liquide’s research and development center continually finds new solutions for the beverage industry. Dedicated to developing ever more efficient, safe and effective technologies, our researchers know how to produce results.