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Meeting environmental regulations while reducing environmental impact

Remaining productive while minimizing environmental impact during operations is today’s challenge. We help you reduce emissions, improve wastewater treatment operations for maximum reuse of materials and comply with increasingly strict regulations.

Air Liquide is a leading manufacturer of industrial and specialty gases and related gas handling equipment. We specialise in environmental emissions monitoring and calibration for water treatment, stack testing and waste-to-steam applications.

Water treatment

At Air Liquide, we are experts in applications using gas technology to treat water, recycle metal, recover solvents, analyse air quality and valorize waste. Focused on performance, we go beyond gas and are able to provide full expertise for client needs. We work with our customers in the way that suits them best.

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Emissions Monitoring

One Complete Solution Emissions Monitoring Gases & Equipment for Process operators, Test Houses & CEM Equipment Suppliers

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Process operators, Test Houses & CEM Equipment Suppliers

Air Liquide UK supplies a complete solution of gases and gas control equipment for all Stack Emissions Monitoring. Process Operators, Test Houses and CEM Equipment Suppliers all have their specific requirements and here at Air Liquide we have the in-house expertise to supply the products in a short timeframe. From ISO17025 gas mixtures to zero gas, from sophisticated pipe work installations to basic fittings, we offer a complete supply solution. The high quality and flexibility of our product range is a reflection of how Air Liquide UK is continuously developing product and service packages to meet the demands of the Stack Emissions Monitoring market.

Choosing Between Accredited and Non-Accredited Gases
What you need to know in brief...

BSEN14181: 2004
Stationary Source Emissions - Quality Assurance of Automated Measuring Systems (AMS)

Aim: The standard is used to prove that the total uncertainty of the results obtained from the AMS meet the specification for uncertainty stated in the applicable EU directives.

Implementation: Waste Incineration Directive sites (WID) from Dec 2005 to 2006 Large Combustion Plant Directive sites (LCPD) by Jan 2008.


  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Process Ops
  • Test Houses
  • Gas Suppliers

Calibration Gases for Ambient Air Monitoring

The measurement of air quality in the UK is subject to increasing legislation and public scrutiny, and it is therefore increasingly important that monitoring equipment is properly calibrated.

The UK government's guidance on automatic air pollution monitoring for Local Authority review and assessment of air pollution specifies that calibration gases must be certified to ISO17025. This is to ensure data is traceable to national metrology standards and that the overall uncertainties for pollution data are within specified limits.

This standard is an internationally recognised standard for demonstrating the competence of calibration and testing laboratories, and significantly exceeds the requirements of the more common ISO9000 standard. The ISO17025 standard defines what is required of an organisation in terms of technical competence, staff and resources in order to produce acceptable quality of results for a defined set of processes.

AEA Energy & Environment and Air Liquide (UK) Ltd have combined their capabilities to offer traceable calibration gas mixtures directly to organisations undertaking air pollution measurements. Gases produced by Air Liquide are calibrated by AEA and are supplied, often from stock, complete with an ISO17025 certificate of calibration.

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    Compliance experts

    Easily meeting EPA environmental compliance regulations.

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    You can depend on our unique production technologies and ISO-accredited facilities for all product reliability.

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    Our advice on enhancing gas-use efficiency for treatment of water, air and solid waste is based on years of proven industry knowledge and experience.

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    Our global network of application experts, engineering, research and development teams provide optimum solutions for any given need.