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Air Liquide in the UK



High-purity isobutane

Air Liquide manufactures isobutane pure gas to be used in a variety of applications, such as chemical synthesis, and is used by many refineries to produce high-octane alkylates. When smaller quantities of gas are needed, isobutane can be manufactured as part of two-component or multi-component gas mixtures in non-returnable Mini-MixTM Transportables for use in industrial hygiene and safety as well as laboratory applications.

Related Supply Modes and Services

Air Liquide packages isobutane pure gases in a variety of compressed gas cylinders, including low-pressure cylinders, high-pressure stainless steel cylinders, lecture bottles and non-returnable Mini-Mix Transportables cylinders, depending on the grade of pure gas or composition of the gas mixture and your application. Air Liquide offers a wide range of services to try and meet each customer's needs.