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Air Liquide in the UK


LASAL™ Gases

Laser cutting and welding to improve productivity and lower operating costs.

Your lasing gas or assist gas choice will determine the reliability of your laser and lifespan of your optics and output power. Air Liquide pioneered the laser industry standard for effective, consistent control of impurities. We supply a full range of lasing gases with the industry’s highest purity standards for every laser resonator.

Whether your application requires nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or helium, our LASALTM gases and multi-component mixtures help lower operating costs by substantially increasing speed and quality and by extending the lifetime of the laser.

LASALTM lasing gases – carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium – can be supplied separately or premixed, depending on the laser source used. Air Liquide has defined lasing gases for each type of laser source according to laser manufacturer specifications.

  • LASALTM Premix

LASALTM process gases - nitrogen and oxygen

  • LASALTM 2001
  • LASALTM 2003
  • LASALTM 4000 mixture

For more information view our brochure on LASALTM High-Purity Gases for Laser Cutting and Welding

PDF iconDownload industry_lasal.pdf (24.16 KB)

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