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Air Liquide in the UK

Metal Fabrication
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Laser welding

Air Liquide offers a full range of specialty gases and related equipment to meet your laser cutting and welding needs. Global purity, along with the control of specific impurities, are the most important factors when selecting gases for your lasing application. Air Liquide pioneered the laser industry standard for effective, consistent control of impurities now widely adopted in the marketplace.


Our LASAL™ brand gases and multi-component mixtures are prepared under strict quality control procedures that minimise specific impurities such as moisture, hydrocarbons and particulates. We also supply other pure gases and gas mixtures for laser welding, depending on your needs.


Air Liquide supplies a wide range of gas handling equipment designed to deliver gas safely to your application.


LASAL™ gases and equipment, specifically designed by Air Liquide for laser cutting and welding, improve productivity and quality, lower operating costs and maintenance and extend laser lifetime.