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Air Liquide in the UK


Oxy Injector-Turboxal

The Oxy Injector-Turboxal is used to implement biological treatments to efficiently remove organic and/or inorganic pollution from municipal or industrial wastewater across varied sectors

A powerful and compact floating oxygen-transfer system, the Oxy Injector-Turboxal delivers high- performance oxygenation of wastewater in biological basins and lagoons.

Through Air Liquide’s patented system, wastewater and oxygen are thoroughly mixed by a specific turbine in the biomass. The effluent is then dispersed downwards via a powerful impeller, ensuring efficient oxygen transfer to the wastewater.

The Oxy Injector-Turboxal is suitable for treating varying pollution levels without shear stress that could impair the biomass efficiency.
For the denitrification step, Oxy Injector-Turboxal  is able to mix the basin without gas injection.

  • Well-suited for varying pollution levels

  • High oxygen transfer rate

  • Very easy installation

  • Distinctly low maintenance