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Air Liquide in the UK

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
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Process temperature control

Certain API manufacturing steps, such as exothermic or low-temperature chemical reactions (e.g. chiral synthesis), require low or very low temperatures to be safely and efficiently controlled. Liquid nitrogen can be used to cool the reaction medium, either directly or indirectly, as it vaporizes and warms up. Another manufacturing step, freeze drying, is often the process of choice to stabilize therapeutic proteins or vaccine formulations.

Cryogenic cooling offers an environmentally friendly alternative to using conventional coolants (CFC) for lyophilization, while reducing cycle times. Cryogenics replace the need for CFC and are particularly suited for very low temperatures. The high available cooling power allows you to safely control exothermic reactions. If cooling and heating cycles are required, we offer a heating module using low pressure steam. With this combination, we can control a wide range of processes from temperatures as low as -140°C to +200°C with fast start-up and short cycle times.

Air Liquide offers standard turnkey solutions with refrigerant capacity of up to 100 kW and the possibility to manufacture higher-capacity equipment if required. Flexible, compact, noiseless, and low-maintenance, these units can easily be integrated into your production line. Our extensive experience with cryogenics and the simplicity of the process ensure the safety and reliability of our units.


Air Liquide supplies liquid nitrogen in a range of purities and volumes to meet your needs.


We provide gas handling safety expertise and a range of resources, including Certificates of Analysis (CoA) upon request.