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Air Liquide in the UK



Rare gas for lighting applications

Neon, as a pure specialty gas or as a component in a specialty gas mixture, is primarily used in lighting applications such as fluorescent light bulbs and signage. The first modern neon sign debuted in 1910 in Paris and was created by Georges Claude, co-founder of Air Liquide. More than a century later Air Liquide leads the field as the world’s largest supplier of rare gases to the lighting industry. Air Liquide’s specialty gas production facilities employ industry-leading technologies and state-of-the-art analytical instruments to guarantee production of pure neon gas in a range of purities to meet your requirements as well as balances of argon, helium and krypton.

Related Supply Modes

Air Liquide packages neon in high-pressure compressed gas cylinders (aluminum and stainless steel), as well as in nonreturnable Mini-Mix Transportable cylinders. Our robust cylinder distribution network helps to ensure reliable, on-time delivery of gases to meet your needs.