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Air Liquide in the UK



Rare gas for medical, aeronautic and lighting applications

Air Liquide is the world leader in rare gases, including xenon, with the largest sourcing capability and a well-established supply chain to ensure reliable, on-time product delivery. Our rare gas facilities employ leading-edge technologies and advanced analytical equipment to produce customer-specific rare gas products like xenon. These range from standard purity to ultra-high purity for electronics, aerospace and lighting applications. Air Liquide supplies xenon mainly for aeronautics and lighting applications.


Ion engines are becoming the preferred means of providing electric propulsion in spacecraft, and most satellites launched into orbit now use this technology. Xenon is the gas of choice for ion engines and Hall Effect Technology due to its high ionization potential, low heat capacity and high density. In addition, because of xenon’s high molecular weight, it improves satellite-specific impulse performance, which is the ratio of engine thrust to weight flow.


Xenon is used with methyl bromide, methylene bromide, nitrogen, and phosphine under the ScottTM brand, in incandescent filament or discharge bulbs to improve brightness, intensity, service life and color. Xenon is a favored filling gas in High Intensity Discharge (HID) light bulbs over traditional mercury or metal halides. Compared to conventional light bulbs, xenon HID lights are environmentally friendly and offer the advantages of higher intensity, longer lifetime and superior color.

Related Supply Modes

Air Liquide packages pure xenon and xenon gas mixtures in a variety of high-pressure cylinders, including stainless steel, aluminum and nonreturnable Mini-Mix™ Transportable cylinders, depending on your application. Our robust cylinder distribution network helps to ensure reliable, on-time delivery of gases to meet your needs.