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Air Liquide in the UK


Solutions for Food

Nexelia for Freezing & Chilling is an all-in-one gas solution that combines the best of Air Liquide’s ALIGAL gases, application equipment and technical support service along with a customized Performance Service program for the optimization of your cryogenic process.

With globalization and changing consumer habits, many food processors continue to be focused on innovation and on keeping their costs under tight control in order to minimize the impact of higher prices, for raw materials, fuel and consumables, on their profit margins. Processes involving cryogenic refrigeration continue to play a vital role in food manufacturing since cryogenics can deliver outstanding results for addressing many food safety and spoilage concerns for various types of food products. Cryogenics is also well-known for improving product quality, productivity throughputs and process flexibility while delivering a competitive freezing or chilling cost.

Properly managing and optimizing their cryogenic process can be a challenging task for our customers, however Nexelia for Freezing & Chilling offer can provide food processing indutries with a simple solution for cost control and a new level of operational performance.