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Nexelia™ for Water & Wastewater Treatment

If you’re looking to boost your plant capacity, optimize operating costs, or resolve various foam and odor issues, industrial gases can provide you with a truly effective solution.

Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment
Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment

Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment

Nexelia™ for Biological Treatment is an all-in-one solution and competitive solution to boost aerobic biological treatment using pure oxygen in addition or in replacement of existing air injection system.

Benefits of using pure Oxygen in Biological Treatment

- improves the microbial activity thanks to well suited injection systems
- reduces the required gas volume fivefold compared to air
reduces the need for energy to dissolve oxygen. 
- avoids foaming (no need for chemical additives) and stripping of volatile organic compounds (no odor formation). 

Ozone can be used in addition to pure oxygen in biological treatments to improve the water quality and reduce the quantity of excess sludge.



Nexelia™ for pH Control

An integrated gas solution consisting of using carbon dioxide (CO2) to adjust pH for overly basic effluents:
Safe and easy to handle
- Environment friendly
- Precise pH regulation


With Nexelia for pH Control, we commit to delivering proven benefits

- Compliance with environmental regulations
- Fine pH adjustment
- No hazardous saline residuals
- Minimum maintenance cost
- Safer handling and storage than mineral acids
- No scale
- Less corrosion


Nexelia™ for Tertiary Treatment
Nexelia™ for Tertiary Treatment

Nexelia™ for Tertiary Treatment

We offer a complete gas solution using ozone to remove pollutants which are difficult to biodegrade like surfactants, inks and contaminants of emerging concern (pharmaceutical residues, etc).

Ozone (O3) is a very strong oxidizing agent. It can break up complex organic molecules into simple biodegradable ones that bacteria can metabolize in combination with a biological water treatment. The oxygen-rich off-gas from the ozonation unit  can be recovered at atmospheric pressure and re-used to make up for oxygen injection in upstream or downstream biological basins.

Benefits from Nexelia for Tertiary Treatment

- Compliance with the newest and strongest regulation limits, particularly targeting Contaminants of Emerging Concern (micro-pollutants)
- Detoxication
Color/odor removal
- Decantation speed increase: Sludge Volume Index (SVI) ideally between 50-100 ml/g
Cost effective:  Using pure oxygen is 40% less power intensive than air to produce ozone. Oxygen reuse from the off-gas of an Ozonation unit.

Application Technologies

Oxy Injector-Turboxal

Oxy Injector-Ventoxal