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Air Liquide in the UK


What’s in your Food Grade CO2 Cylinder

Food & beverage manufacturers require the utmost attention to detail and quality when choosing their ingredients and suppliers in order to ensure quality assurance and traceability to their consumers.Food safety is at the core of our offer. Air Liquide has been a pioneer in developing food grade gases and complying with safety standards & regulations.


Committed to Quality for your Food Grade CO2

Air Liquide, a global leader in Food Grade Gases, has a portfolio of leading food and beverage producers across the globe.Today, thousands of customers trust our excellence in supply chain compliance and product reliability.

Fully compliant Food Grade Gases

Air Liquide’s food safety management system in accordance with ISO 22000 standards provide quality assurance, traceability and peace of mind.

Focus on safety

Air Liquide is supplying food grade CO2 from cylinders, but it can also be supplied from bundles & tanks. We always supply equipment that are designed and tested to ensure safety and optimal performance for our customers.

Food and Beverage expertise.

Combining our know-how in the food process and our deep knowledge of process requirements, we deliver specific support for our customers. Our dedicated team of food & beverage specialists help our customers in producing better food quality and improving productivity.


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